Using core competences, strengthening research

We carry out the non-scientific tasks of funded research projects and provide support and consultancy services for scientists and researchers at universities, in businesses and research institutes from the first project idea to the successful completion. concentris supports national and international consortia with knowledge and concentration in project management, financial management and in the organisation of meetings.

How does science become successful?

Successful science means excellence in the laboratory or on the computer; it means finding own paths and solving problems with innovative approaches. All this needs know-how, creative minds and cutting-edge technology – and it costs money.

However, successful science also involves obtaining funding, knowing the important funding programmes and the rules on how to qualify for funding. Once a project has been approved, successful science involves understanding the provisions of the sponsors, submitting results and reports on a regular basis, punctually and in the required format, moderating a network and making contacts for future projects. When is there time for research?

A prerequisite of successful science is that the right forces work in the right place. concentris does this as a specialist for the project management of EU-funded health research projects.

Why we are special

We are human beings working with human beings. What sounds so trivial is a somewhat different working attitude that our project partners experience every day. We find it important to listen, to help (even if something is “not our job”) and to recognize the fact that everyone is different and has different needs. By the way, concentris is a true family business and many of our collaborators become friends after a while. In our opinion it is often the small things that makes a big difference.


Why concentris?

We achieve our high degree of concentration because, unusually, our project managers only work on very few projects at a time. This means that you get performance at a consistently high level. Our individual service concentrates on your personal concerns as a co-ordinator, project partner or administrator. At concentris you speak to people who will devote their time to your project.

Moreover, we work in a proactive way: We do not wait and see but look ahead instead. We recognise possible obstacles and difficulties at an early stage and do what is necessary to overcome them with you. Whether it is EU deadlines, finances, press releases or conference management – we stay on top of the priorities and always think one step ahead, so that you can focus on your research.

At the same time, you benefit from excellent value for money because we are interested in sustainable collaboration. It makes little sense for project management to be so expensive that only a little money remains for research. For this reason, the project managers at concentris always strive to find efficient solutions in order to be allowed to support you again in future projects.

Core values of concentris

  • We are a family business that takes its social responsibility to its employees seriously.
  • We work from individual to individual. We treat each person with fairness, appreciation and respect and support one another.
  • We make the customer’s wishes our own concern, and treat the customer as we would like to be treated.
  • We maintain a cooperative relationship with our customers and are instrumental to their success.
  • We consider our work as a valuable contribution to enable and disseminate research results that benefit all people.
  • We identify ourselves with our work. We continuously develop our skills and thereby also support our company in its development.
  • We create spaces to learn from each other and grow together as a team.
  • We use our different skills to work together and complement one another as a team. We see mistakes and constructive criticism as an opportunity.
  • We are innovative and open to new ideas.