Minimising risks - neat processing of finances

Adequate financing is the basis of a successful project. The EU Commission provided more than €70 billion for research projects solely within the Horizon 2020 programme (2014-2020), and has set aside more than €95 billion for the new Horizon Europe programme, which started in 2021. However, funds must be used in compliance with the contract and its provisions. This means that the European Commission has the right to claim funds back any time if
  • reporting obligations have not been fully met or documents contain mistakes.
  • funds have been spent improperly.
  • deliverables have not been accomplished as contracted.

These cases are particularly painful if the money has already been spent or if work contracts depend on the funding.

Our financial management services in detail:

During the application phase

Budget calculations

Calculation of the project's total budget, plausibility check for single budgets, budget calculations for clinical studies, optional application of „unit costs“

Communication on financial matters

Neutral mediation and problem solving in case of disagreement, direct communication with third-party sponsors if desired

Completion of EU forms

Calculation of the required figures and completion of the relevant EU forms (online and on the application)

During the project phase

Cash flow calculations

We calculate the right figures for pre-financing, interim payments, guarantee funds, budget shifts and the final payment

Budget shifts

Assessment, negotiation, calculation and implementation of budget shifts through amendments


Target-actual comparison, performance-related installments, preparation of decision-making

Project accounting and related formalities

Support and consultancy services to the partners with regard to the issuing of Form C, certificate on financial statements, certificate of methodology, financial tables within reports, critical assessment of all numbers and cross-references, finalisation and data entry to the EC tools

After the end of the project

Final report including cash flow table

Even after the end of the project we stay on the ball and provide you with documents such as the „report on the distribution of the EU financial contribution between beneficiaries“

Your benefits from concentris

  • Less work: We prepare reports in such a way that you and your partners only need to supply the minimum of information. We are the first contact point for questions and we help to overcome difficulties.
  • Complicated things become simple: The provisions concerning the sponsors’ finance and accounting are complex. We know them in detail and are used to making them comprehensible for others.
  • Faster receipt of payments: The EU Commission authorises payments only when reports and accounting documents are complete and entirely error-free. We take care of this for you.
  • Neutral moderator in financial matters: Your consortium consists of partners and yet everybody still has their own interests, particularly where a lot of money is concerned. We moderate the budget negotiations and check financial statements from a neutral perspective. This makes many things easier.
  • More security: We collect all documents from the partners. Whenever something is to be submitted to the EU Commission, we check it meticulously beforehand. In this way, you can be reassured that reports and financial statements are approved by the EU in a timely manner.