Successful applications with concentris:
We are proactive and know how it is done

EU funding rules are complex. The statistical chances for a successful application vary between 4 and 15%. We know the rules, the procedures and tools. If you add up the experience of our projects managers, they have worked on 35 EU-funded research projects and on more than 100 project applications. Our success rate is well above average each year, in the best years even at 100%.

For this reason, we offer to support you dynamically with the planning and the implementation of your idea – and this right from the beginning, even before the project start.

Our services during the application phase in detail:

Timeline and division of work

Together with you we develop a realistic timeline and divide all your relevant application documents into coherent working packages.

Templates and document management

We provide templates and structures for the proposal which facilitate the writing for you and your partners.

Processing content

We collect the text contributions from all parties and collate them into one well-formatted document.
We also contribute to the writing of texts in the fields of project management, dissemination and training.

Evaluation criteria check

We have detailed knowledge of the EU's evaluation criteria and help you to forge your ideas into a firm and convincing proposal.

Electronic submission according to EU guidelines

We know the EU tools (with their peculiarities) and take care of the data submission in every part of the application. That way you can be sure that nothing goes wrong here - even in stress situations.

And the best part of it: Our services during the application phase are partly free of charge. What that means?

Your benefits from concentris

  • Better chances with proposals: You benefit from our management expertise and experience and you make use of our contacts, thus ensuring that you stay ahead. This leads to your chances for approval becoming much greater.
  • Relief: We are behind your idea right from the start, keep you free from nitty-gritty details and thus help you to concentrate on the science.
  • No risk: We are interested in a long-lasting project partnership. For this reason, we share the risk of application failure with you and work for partly for free until the project starts.
What our clients say
„It has been a great pleasure to prepare this application with such a great group of professionals. You have made very complicated things seem quite easy.”
Without your help and efforts we would never have reached the goal as we did.
You have done an absolutely brilliant job!

“It was a pleasure to work with you over the past few months. We are very grateful for all of your help and the professionalism with which you handled all aspects of the proposal. We could not have done this without you!”