You do the research – we take care of everything else

Effective project management is a central element of successful research. This is because large projects entail a lot of administrative work. Since the 6th Framework Programme (FP6) through to the current Horizon Europe Programme, the EU Commission has explicitly demanded solid project management. Also, when it comes to evaluation, project management is one criterion: What counts are effective decision-making structures, human resources and relevant expertise.

concentris specialises in project management for EU-funded research projects. We understand project management as a service. You do the research and we take care of everything else. You concentrate on your project and leave the formalities, the reports and the organisation to us.

Our project management services in detail:

Contract management

Preparation and negotiation of the EC contract with all annexes, conclusion of the consortium agreement


Daily correspondence and first contact point for the partners

Coordination and monitoring

Detailed overview of progress and deadlines, pro-active supervision of the deliverables


Easy templates for writing, collation of all report elements from the partners, calculations, critical checkups of all parts until submission to the EC

Financial management

Budget calculations, controlling, project accounting, formalities in the framework of the reporting

Conference services

Drafting of the agenda and thematic focuses, hotel and social programmes, organisation of the whole sequence of events, billing

Dissemination and project marketing activities

Organisation and co-ordination of conferences and symposia, the creation of marketing materials such as project posters and flyers, websites, image-videos, etc.

Training Activities

Organisation and co-ordination of workshops, support of local organisers

Websites and project intranets

Project or conference websites, password-protected project intranet for the partners, document-sharing

Strategy and sustainability

Establishment of associations and foundations, continued funding, business development

Your benefits from concentris

  • Higher success rate of applications because you demonstrate the necessary expertise and resources for management tasks.
  • Less risk – more success: Your project is steered safely and professionally. In difficult situations, we find a solution together and implement it in sufficient time for your success.
  • More efficient work-flows – more performance: We prepare all tasks in order for you and your partners to complete them with minimal effort. Less administrative work means better scientific performance.
  • Less stress – more time: You have more time for research because we take care of everything else. Targeted communication saves time and energy.
  • ...and with pleasure: The partners like to contribute because difficult things become simple, someone eases their workload and project meetings are fun.
What our clients say
“I am just thankful we have someone like you to guide us through the maze. Thank you!“
“It may sound weird and I have given it some thoughts but I can’t really think about any improvement.”
"Overall I have to say, I have never seen an international project that was managed so well in all aspects."
"Sara, you did a really great job in getting this through. What hard work. I think not everyone can measure how much Sara did behind the scenes to make this move."
You have done an absolutely brilliant job!

"Thanks a lot for your great support!"

"I'd like to say that I've always enjoyed working with you and found your professionalism and organization inspiring!"

"We are proud to announce our participation in 20 EU Horizon projects. Our involvement has allowed us to partner with numerous management companies, enhancing our contributions and capabilities within these projects. Among our partners, Concentris stands out for its exceptional expertise and skills throughout the EU application process. Their proficiency and comprehensive support have been instrumental in our successful engagement with the Horizon projects."